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Lyric Repertory Company has volunteer opportunities in our patron engagement department, which is looking for volunteer ushers for the 2020 season.

Our volunteer ushers are a valuable part of our Lyric Rep team.  They help create the welcoming, professional theatre environment we want our patrons to experience each time they come to a show or special event.  Our audience may not meet or talk to the theatre professionals who work with Lyric Repertory Company, but they will all see and talk to our volunteers, and we want our front of house staff to be good representatives on our behalf.

Ushers are responsible for the seating and the safety of patrons in all performance venues.  All front of house staff are expected to offer the highest level of customer service possible to guests, donors, visiting artists, artist management, patrons, and any other member of the public or administration they may encounter. Ushers are also expected to carry out any job function or assignment front of house management deems as appropriate and within the scope of caring and maintaining for the theater, customer service, audience experience, pre-show prep, post-show breakdown and cleanup, guest and staff safety/emergency response/security.

Volunteers work at all Lyric Rep venues – the Caine Lyric Theater (seating capacity of 370), located at 28 W. Center Street; the Morgan Theatre (seating capacity of 690) and the Black Box Theatre (seating capacity of 90), located on the USU campus in the theatre wing of the Fine Arts Center (1200 N 400 E).

ALL volunteers will be required to read and agree to our Lyric Rep Volunteer Policies, and will also need to fill out a USU Volunteer Services Agreement prior to scheduling performance shifts.  This requirement applies to those who have previously volunteered with us as well as new volunteers.


All volunteers must be able to stand for extended periods of time and be physically able to assist patrons in finding their seats and assist with audience evacuation in the event of an emergency.  They must be able to climb steps and/or descend/ascend ramps and inclines repeatedly, maintain a professional front of house experience, and follow the assignments and instructions given by front of house management. The Lyric Rep Volunteer Policy includes a detailed list of responsibilities and requirements/qualifications. 

Volunteers are expected to arrive one hour before show time, are required to stay for the duration of the performance and clean-up period, and should be excused by the House Manager before leaving.  While we try to ensure our volunteers are able to watch the show, assistance in the lobby during the performance may be required based on your assignment. In all cases, the usher’s assignment and responsibilities always take precedence over watching the show.

Front of House Dress Code

  • White or Black Dress Shirt (must look professional – no t-shirt type)
  • Black Shoes with appropriate Socks/Hose
  • Necktie (Men only)
  • Ushers will be given vests and usher tags to wear by the House Manager

Signing Up

All sign-ups are done via email using sign-up genius.  An email will be sent to each member of our volunteer staff inviting them to sign up. Each volunteer is responsible for their own sign-up.  Initial sign up shifts are once for each show.  Check back often for open shifts that need to be filled throughout the season since spots open up as people’s schedules change.  You may be contacted by Lyric Rep management and requested to fill open shifts to ensure we fulfill our safety requirement for front of house staffing.  All volunteers are expected to fill shifts upon request if at all possible. Questions?  Email us at: / Subject Line:  Volunteers

Volunteer Sign-up

Become a volunteer by submitting your interest form.

Privacy Notice


Returning Volunteers

This season we request all returning volunteers to sign up as new volunteers so that everyone receives the proper information and forms required by USU for Lyric Rep volunteers.  Thank you.