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The Great Society (Staged Reading)

The Great Society (Staged Reading)

Event Information

Event Date: July 9-July 30, 2019
Event Location: Black Box Theatre
Tickets: The Great Society (Staged Reading)


by Robert Shenkkan 

The Great Society was a set of domestic programs in the United States launched by Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964–65. The main goal was the elimination of poverty and racial injustice. The play, performed by Lyric Rep as a stage reading, chronicles the second Presidential term of Lyndon B. Johnson; the escalation of the Vietnam War, the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bobby Kennedy, and Richard Nixon’s rise to power.

Content Advisory

LANGUAGE: Contains strong language.

SMOKING AND DRINKING: Smoking and drinking are depicted in this play

SEX: None.

VIOLENCE: There are several violent scenes throughout the play.

FOR WHICH AUDIENCES? The Great Society contains mature themes, recommended for audiences High School and up.

RATING: The movie rating equivalent would be “R” for strong language and mature themes.